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    Bathroom Butler 4604 Spare Paper Holder Champagne Gold

    Manufacturer: Bathroom Butler
    Bathroom Butler 4604 Spare Paper Holder Champagne Gold
    SKU: 10-BB-4604CG
    Manufacturer part number: BAAC4604BCGD
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    R 995.00 incl VAT
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    A must have addition, seldomly considered, is a spare paper holder. Part of our classic 4600 series, this spare paper holder stores two standard size toilet rolls and ensures that you will always have a spare roll handy. The extended base ensures that the rolls stay upright. Secured with our patented mounting system, known as Rigid Loc, your spare paper holder will not loosen from the mounting.


    Making sure that you always have spare toilet paper available is a must when it comes to creating a bathroom design. Extra toilet paper should be easily accessible, and this is simply achieved by installing a spare paper holder within easy reach of the toilet, keeping your rolls neatly in place.


    • Designed to fit all standard-size toilet paper rolls
    • Can store 2 toilet paper rolls
    • Stainless Steel construction ensures durability
    • Easy to install

    Fixing System: RIGID Loc Mounting System
    This product uses our patented RIGID Loc mounting system which is designed to ensure the bathroom accessory remains secure to its mounting and will not rotate.

    Material: GRADE 304 Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel has a natural resistance to corrosion and therefore does not require any protective coating which makes this material ideal for the bathroom environment. The shiny polished finish of Stainless Steel is often confused with a Chrome finish, however the two could not be more different. While Stainless Steel will not peel or flake, Chrome products on the other hand are susceptible to chipping and pitting due to the nature if a coated product.

    Cleaning and Care:
    To keep your product in pristine condition, simply wipe it down with a warm damp cloth and then buff dry with a microfiber cloth. You could also, on occasion use a Chlorine-free stainless steel cleaner to maintain the shine. If you use stainless steel polish, make sure it is abrasive free. When cleaning wall surfaces around your bathroom accessories do not use any household detergents that may contain Chlorine based chemicals such as bleach as it will cause permanent damage to the surface of the stainless steel product.

    What’s in the box:
    4604 Paper Holder
    Fischer UX 6mm Plastic Plugs (2 pieces)
    Wall Screws (2 pieces)
    2.5mm Allen Key (1 piece)
    Installation Instructions (1 piece)
    Mounting Template

    Tools needed (not supplied):
    Drill & Drill bits
    6mm Diamond drill bit – if drilling through ceramic tiles
    6mm Masonry drill bit – if drilling into Masonry (Brick)
    Measuring tape
    PH2 Screwdriver
    Spirit level

    Installation tip:

    • Check for water pipes before deciding where to drill
    • In Masonry walls, always drill a smaller pilot hole first for better sizing and location accuracy


    Product Dimensions: 48mm(w) x 104mm(d) x 237mm(h)
    Warranty: 15 Year Limited Guarantee
    Suitable to be installed: Masonry or Concrete surface (wall fixings supplied), Tiled surface (wall fixings supplied), Dry wall - mounting onto stud (wall fixings not supplied), Glass (using Bathroom Butler glass mountings - optional extra)