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    Monument Chassis Punch 32.5 mm (M0370U)

    Manufacturer: Monument
    Monument Chassis Punch 32.5 mm (M0370U)
    SKU: 36-CP-005
    Manufacturer part number: M0370U
    R 647.00 incl VAT
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    The Monument 370U 32.5mm Chassis Punch & Die is for making round holes in sheet metal. A pilot hole is drilled in the sheet metal and the die positioned underneath the metal. The punch is located on the top side of the metal and the two connected together by the socket head cap screw. Further tightening of this screw into the die will make the top punch cut the sheet metal. To use again remove the slug of metal from the tool and restart.

    This tool is designed for cutting tap holes in metal (usually stainless steel) basins and sinks, or metal water tanks to facilitate the location of an inlet out outlet valve.