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    Modernise Your Kitchen with Cobra

    Modernise Your Kitchen with Cobra

    Trends are always changing which means that keeping your bathroom and kitchen ‘up to date’ or on trend can be challenging. There’s always going to be a new style trending on Instagram or Pinterest, and the truth is you’re not going to be able to jump onto each new trend.

    However, upgrading and modernising your home can be accomplished with small changes and updates that don’t need to cost a great deal of money, or turn your home into a messy construction site. Your kitchen is one of the most utilised areas of your home, and likely the most ‘seen’ part of your home by guests and visitors. Which is why keeping your kitchen on-trend will take priority over other areas of your home.

    Kitchens are also probably the easiest part of the home to update and modernise. Simple changes can make a massive difference in a kitchen. A small rearrangement of countertop items, or swapping out your tea and coffee containers for example can make this space feel refreshed.

    Let’s go through some simple ways to modernise your kitchen and keep it updated with new and upcoming trends.

    1. GREEN IT UP!

    No, we don’t mean the colour green! Whilst green can definitely work in some kitchen spaces, we’re not referring to updating colours here – we’re referring to introducing some greenery into your kitchen. Placing a pot plant in a stylish pot on top of your kitchen counter will immediately add a pop of colour and freshness to your kitchen.

    Hanging pots with creepers such as delicious monster plants or strings of pearls will instantly create a very on-trend vibe in your kitchen. If you’re lacking in the green thumb arena, you can always opt for artificial plants – they’re so realistic looking these days, you won’t even notice a difference.


    A simple replacement of lighting fixtures will bring an entirely new ambience to your kitchen. Outdated ceiling mounted light fixtures can make your kitchen feel dull and cold. Swap these out for a funky lighting track or another modern light fitting with a warm globe.

    If you really want to go to town, downlighters or recessed lighting is always a win. These are timeless and never go out of style, they also provide ample lighting for you to manoeuvre easily around your kitchen. Pendant lights that hang above your kitchen counter or island are another trend that is very popular at the moment. You’ll likely need to consult an electrician for advice on a few of these.

    For the more DIY-minded, making use of LED lighting strips as under-counter lighting is another way to cost-effectively and stylishly update the lighting in your kitchen – another very fashionable form of kitchen lighting at present.


    Another simple and effective way to modernise your kitchen, and one we fully support of course, is to update your kitchen taps. The new Cobra Arrive range of kitchen taps will add a touch of opulence to your kitchen, whether in chrome or matte black. Flaunting a trendy, square design, Cobra Arrive taps boast modern aesthetics along with premium functionality that will make you fall in love with them each time you interact with them.

    While an elegantly glistening chrome kitchen tap will turn your kitchen sink into the star of the show. You can even make a bold statement with a Cobra Arrive kitchen tap in matte black, which will ensure your guests are in awe of your kitchen each time they visit. Black kitchen taps are another very popular kitchen trend at the moment – they speak bold modern luxury!


    Everyone loves coffee, and coffee has very much become a form of art! An exciting trend at the moment is a dedicated coffee bar in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be massive or take up a lot of space, but by simply transforming a small section of your kitchen counter into a coffee section will achieve this effect.

    Add your coffee machine, refresh your coffee, tea and sugar containers with an updated design such as the stunning see-through glass containers with a wooden ball atop, and place everything together in one area of your kitchen. A hanging mug stand will add the final touch. You can even place everything onto a stylish wooden tray for added effect.


    Another trend in the kitchen that is constantly evolving is the type of cupboard door handles. By updating the handles of your cupboards, there is no need to completely replace your cupboard doors. You can simply modernise them by replacing the handles and it’s simple enough to do yourself!

    Long length, square shaped kitchen cupboard handles are very popular at the moment. These will perfectly complement your new Cobra Arrive kitchen taps, and depending on the colour of your kitchen cupboards there are also matte black cupboard door handle options.
    If modern class is the look that you are wanting to achieve in your kitchen, then making some of the above suggested updates and incorporating a new modern range of kitchen taps into your kitchen will make all the difference in the world.

    We are constantly evolving our Cobra taps products and modern aesthetics, where innovative functionality and stylish designs are always front of mind in our advancements.

    Award winning designs providing the best quality products. LIXIL helping to make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Cobra. Here For You.

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