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    Pratley Putty Quickset

    Manufacturer: Pratley
    SKU: 36-PU-007
    Manufacturer part number: 84135
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    Pratley Quickset Putty 125g High Strength Adheres to metal, stone, cement, concrete, slate, glass, wood and most rigid materials.

    Pratley quickset putty is hand mouldable epoxy based putty which sets like steel in about 20 minutes. Use it for filling, sealing and shaping,. It is incredibly strong.

    Pratley Quickset Putty is an exceptionally high strength, hand mouldable, putty-like adhesive. Mixing equal proportions of the resin and hardener supplied in the form of sticks yields a versatile, quicksetting medium with a 1001 uses. Pratley Quickset Putty differs from Pratley Putty (Original). The latter is easier to apply under water and can be easily smoothed with a wet finger. However it is not quick setting.


    • Very high strength.
    • Quick setting.
    • Can be shaped and moulded.
    • Adheres to most rigid materials.
    • Once set can be sawn, filed, machined & sanded.
    • Accepts paint.
    • Very good electrical insulator.
    • Withstands most chemicals, oil, petrol, etc.

    Time to set
    Temperature & quantity dependant. Sets hard in ± 15 minutes (at 23°C).
    Should be applied within 8 minutes of mixing.
    Reaches 75% strength in 4 hours.
    Reaches full strength in 24 hours.

    Surface preparation
    Surfaces to be bonded must be free of loose dirt, rust, paint, oil and grease. Wire brushing or sanding will substantially enhance adhesion to smooth surfaces.

    Some suggested uses
    1. Seal metal water tanks and cracked motor car sumps.
    2. Repair wash hand basins and toilets.
    3. Replace broken handles and knobs on utensils.
    4. Repair ceramic fuse holders and insulators.
    5. Repair car radiators and leaking metal petrol tanks.
    6. Mend garden implements and metal watering cans.
    7. Repair cement furniture and pots.
    8. Re-fit loose screws in walls.
    9. Make your own models and sculptures.

    Not recommended for
    Bonding of rearview mirrors to windscreens.
    Very high temperature above 100°C continuous (e.g. exhaust pipes).
    Flexible materials.
    Underwater use.
    Exceptionally high strength
    Hand mouldable
    Putty-like adhesive - Similar to Pratley Putty Standard Setting (Original) except it sets much faster
    Can be used underwater, but not as easy to apply underwater as Pratley Putty Original

    Should the sticks be hard due to prolonged storage in a cold place, gentle warming should restore them to their original consistency