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    Pratley Quickset Glue White

    Manufacturer: Pratley
    SKU: 36-PU-015
    Manufacturer part number: 85139
    R 63.00 incl VAT
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    Pratley Quickset Glue is an high strength adhesive which sets quickly and adheres to most rigid materials like ceramics, stone, concrete, glass, fibre, glass and metals. White Glue is best for heavy duty applications where surfaces are somewhat rough. It does not run easily and is ideal for gap filling. Clear Glue can be used where a more runny consistency in close matching joint is required.


    • Quick setting.
    • Exceptional adhesive strength.
    • Bonds well to most rigid materials.
    • Can be filed, sawn, machined and sanded.
    • Will accept paint.
    • Resists most chemicals, oil and petrol.
    • Good shelf life.

    Time to set

    (at 23 °C)(Temperature & quantity
    Will begin to gel in 4½ minutes.
    Will set in about 14 minutes.
    Should be applied within 3 minutes of mixing.
    Will reach about 75% strength in 30 minutes
    Full tensile strength in 24 hours.

    Surface preparation
    Surfaces to be bonded must be free of loose dirt,
    dust, moisture, oil, grease and paint. Sanding or
    wire brushing significantly enhance adhesion to
    smooth surfaces.

    Mixing procedure
    1. From the tube with the white cap squeeze out a
    bead of resin onto a flat non-absorbent surface
    such as a piece of cardboard (Fig. 1).
    2. From the tube with a red cap squeeze out an
    exactly similar bead of hardener next to the first
    bead (Fig. 2).
    3. Use only as much as can be applied in 2 or 3
    minutes. However, to ensure equal proportions,
    the beads should not be less than 15 mm long.
    4. Replace the colour coded caps on the correct
    5. Using a spatula or thin stick, thoroughly and
    vigorously mix the two beads together until an
    even colour is obtained (Fig. 3).
    6. Use within 3 minutes of mixing by applying to
    both surfaces to be bonded.
    7. After bringing surfaces together, wipe off excess
    adhesive. (Acetone, thinners or nail varnish
    remover will help.)
    8. DO NOT disturb the bonded parts until adhesive
    has set.

    Some suggested uses

    1. Repair broken china plates.

    2. Repair china and glass ornaments.

    3. Repair or join metal instead of light welding or brazing.

    4. Mend electric plugs and insulators.

    5. Repair chipped wash hand basins.

    6. Replace handles on kitchen utensils.

    7. Repair tennis rackets.

    8. Re-fix costume jewellery.

    9. Repair motor car distributor.

    Not recommended for

    • Bonding rearview mirrors to windscreens. (It’s too strong & will crack the glass.)

    • For high temperatures (above 95°C).

    • On any flexible materials.

    • Not recommended for pro longed immersion in water.