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    Pilana Single Edge Hacksaw Blade (24 TPI)

    Pilana Single Edge Hacksaw Blade (24 TPI)
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    Bi-metal hand hacksaws are produced from steel of quality M2. Combination of these two materials secures excellent features of these blades. HSS part has been laser-welded to band of spring steel. Flexibility, toughness and body plasticity of the blade is created through this connection, as well as high hardness of teeth at the same time.

    To achieve uncompromising tool quality for our customers, we use for our hacksaw blades only bi-metal band steel manufactured by prestigious producers in Europe.

    Specially suited for hard steel up to 1100 N/mm2 and similar materials. Bimetal high-speed steel, shatterproof, dual heat treatment to reduce shocks, multipurpose, smooth and effortless sawing, long-lasting blade. The blades are intended also for professional use by craftsmen.

    Mechanical characteristics and types of hacksaw blades:

    Teeth hardnessBody hardnessTeeth settingDimensionsColourMarking
    63 - 65 HRC< 50 HRCwavy300 x 13 x 0,63 mm
    (12 x 1/2 x 0,025")
    (RAL 5005)

    Application and andvantages of bimetal hacksaw blades:

    Suitable for cutting different types of material, especially for hart steels up to 1100 N/mm2. BiM blades have a long lifetime and enable an easy and fluent cut without efforts.