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    Warranty Information

    We do our best to sell only the best brands that have a reputable reputation and quality product range.

    From time to time, there may be manufacturing defects with the product's performance that are within normal operating conditions.

    We (Sanitaryware Centre) do not provide any warranties ourselves on the products, and refer all waranty claims to the manufacturer's themsleves.  Each manufacturer has their own terms & conditions on their product warranties, and some manufatueres have different terms depending on the product type.  It's the responsibility of the buyer to understand all the warranty information before making a purchase.  Sanitaryware Centre will not be held liable for any defects or issues with the products.  If there is a valid warranty claim, we advise the customer to contact us, and we'll liase with the manufacturer to try find an amicable solution.  It's up to the manufacturer to decide whether it will honour any warranty claims, and Sanitaryware Centre is unable to change or influence their decision in any way.  Items that won't be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer can not be returned for credit or replacement to Sanitaryware Centre.

    Below is a list of Warranty Information by Manufacturer.  This list is not comprehenisve, and should you wish to view Warranty Information not listed below, please contact us before purchasing and we'll provide the relevenat warranty information.

    Kwikot Stainless Steel Sinks